Monday, June 14, 2010

Hands Hands Everywhere!

The above "Big List of Hands" comes from an old science book in remarkably good shape for a book from the late 1800's. I find hands are a useful graphic for just about any occassion.


  1. Hi Jessica! Saw your post at The Graphic Fairy so popped over to look around. Love those hands! It's so very handy (ha-ha) to have more than two... no, really what I wanted to say is that I appreciate how the hands are holding blanks that we can fill in w/our choice of objects. Thanks! And I saw your poll re: preferring the original image or an edited B&W version. I checked the 'other' option. If the orig. is fairly clean, I prefer that one. If it isn't clean and the colors are gagworthy, then an edited one in B&W is fine. Having them both is pie with lots of ice cream and always appreciated. Usually... COLOR will win the race for me. Thanks for asking! Nancy

  2. Love your free graphics! I just subscribed and I added a link to this HANDY entry to my Anatomy Clip Art article on Squidoo. Thanks!!!


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