Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Gents and News from the Ephemera Show

I'm not sure what to think about these two gents. The one on the left has the most peculiar ears and looks like he may be an elf trying to blend in with mortal society - the other looks a little gruff - like he's the friend who always gets you into trouble - we all have one of those - haha

Today I went to an ephemera show over in Thornhill - I made the mistake of taking my BIL and MIL with my hubby and I as I knew they would get bored easily (it's just not their thing). I ended up getting a wonderful new catalog all about horses and maintenance and I managed to find at least 45 interesting (colour!) postcards from the turn of the century. I'll be doing some major scanning tomorrow. Look forward in the weeks to come for some lovely new additions to the Attic! I've got a lot of repairs to do on the postcards, but as they come out, you'll be the first to know, I promise! 

I absolutely can't wait until October for the next ephemera show - I could sit there all day looking through lovely things. Do you know, I saw postcards selling for over a hundred dollars a piece?! I couldn't believe it - and of course a big part of me wished I had the money to nab them for myself and hang them up on the wall.

Much to my husbands soon-to-be dismay (See - I haven't told him yet!), I've decided to collect vintage Halloween postcards. I just adore them, but they are so expensive, so it will be slow going - but good collections always are, right? I managed to get a badly damaged one today for next to nothing and it's really given me a push in the right direction (or wrong, if you're to ask my husband! haha)

That's it for tonight - enjoy!

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